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Bells + Whistles

FCS generated all individual project and studio campaigns for Bells + Whistles from 2013 through 2019. First introduced to the work of the studio when their timeless creation Starlite was awarded a 2008 Orchid for Interior Design by the San Diego Architectural Foundation, the team's work continued to escalate and evolve at a consistent pace - from clientele (SoCA/Mexican celebrity chefs, wellness providers, hotel developers, chain and entrepreneurial retailers) to project scope, scale and originality. Services included obtaining press in local, national, and international print and online media outlets, preparation of award submittals, and obtaining high profile industry recognition including Hospitality Design Magazine’s Wave of the Future honorees (2017), a Meet The Minds feature (2019), a 2018 AIA/LA Award Restaurant Award (Campfire), and a 2019 AIA/LA Citation for Jeune et Jolie, and a 2019 print feature for same in Restaurant Design & Development Magazine.


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