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25 Years of the Casbah: An Evening with Tim Mays and Friends

FCS conceived of, produced, and hosted this staged event celebrating the 25th Anniversary of San Diego's iconic Casbah music venue and its co-founder and owner, impresario Tim Mays. The evening started with a cocktail reception at West Coast Tavern, after which guests were ushered into the attached North Park Theater (now the Observatory). The program included six interview segments with Mays, each followed with passionate performances by an array of San Diego musicians. Along with sharing their professional appreciation, some spontaneously relayed heartfelt stories of how Tim helped them with a job or even a place to sleep when they were down on their luck. The four Casbah founders appeared together onstage and shared memories and laughs with the audience. Tim was presented with a Key to the City. It was a full house, and it took a village and then some to make it happen; every musician donated their time and talents to pay respect to the beloved venue and to Tim, the mastermind behind it to this day. Images by Stacy Keck Photo.


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