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THURSDAY, October 24

2:30 pm     Guided Tour of The Salk Institute

5:30 pm     Welcome Reception


Those arriving in San Diego early have the option to tour world-renowned Salk Institute.

1:30 pm     

2:30 pm     


Bus departs from Bread & Salt

1955 Julian Avenue, San Diego


The Salk Institute Guided Tour   
Followed by special speaker

Dr. Thomas Albright

* This event is limited to 40 registrants* 

Fee to attend this extra event is $45

Architect Louis Kahn's 1965 masterpiece, the Salk Institute, is an independent, non-profit, scientific research institute overlooking the Pacific Ocean in La Jolla, CA.


Dr. Jonas Salk, developer of the polio vaccine, approached Kahn after having been gifted the spectacular 27-acre setting by the City of San Diego in 1960. Salk sought to found and build a biological research center, adamant that its design would explore the implications of the sciences for humanity and be "a facility worthy of a visit by Picasso.” The result of their alliance is a collaborative environment lauded for both its functionality and striking aesthetics. Both descendants of Russian-Jewish parents who had immigrated to the U.S., Salk and Kahn forged a deep connection well beyond their mutual effort. The original buildings of the Salk Institute are constructed of concrete, teak, lead, glass, and special steel, and were designated as a historical landmark in 1991. The entire site was deemed eligible by the California Historical Resources Commission in 2006 for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

welcome reception

The 2019 Loeb Fellowship Fall Study Trip officially kicks off with a reception at Bread & Salt in San Diego’s Logan Heights, aka Barrio Logan, at Bread & Salt, a community arts center founded in 2011 by James Brown (Loeb ’09) and Isabel Dutra. Guests include visiting and local alums, local leaders from both sides of the border, and potential candidates.

5:30 pm       


Bread & Salt

1955 Julian Avenue
San Diego, CA 92113

6:15 pm     Welcome: James Brown, LF ‘09
                    Director, Bread & Salt / Principal, Public Architecture,                                Rob Stein, LF ‘94
                    President, Loeb Fellowship Alumni Council


6:30 pm     BlessingAtlachinolli, Aztec Dancers   

                    The Aztec Dance (Danza Azteca in Spanish or Mi’totiliztli in                      Nahuatl), is a fundamental manifestation of the artistic and                      cultural spirit of the native people of Mexico. A fusion of                          the region’s age-old history with the integration of pre-                            Columbian and Christian rituals, it represents humanity’s                          eternal search for cosmic harmony and integration, both                          body and his spirit.                


6:45 pm     Introduction: John Peterson, LF 06
                    Loeb Fellowship Curator

                    Guest Speaker: Reverend John Fanestil, Ph.D.

7:15 pm     Dinner and Music 
                    Taco’s (carne and vegan) with all the fixins’, cold beer 
and                         fresh churros and plantains with friends and classmates.

8:00  pm    Tour of A Show About Touching, in the gallery                                           led by Bread & Salt curator Thomas DeMello.

                     Open Artist in Residence Studio, featuring current artist                           Amanda Kachadoorian.


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